Your needs.

Identifying consulting needs of the customer.

We want you to be satisfied with our job, but  in order for that to happen we have to find what fits your business best. Even if you are a hobbyist and want to spread the word about robot pigeons. 

Email is the best way to get the conversation started, and a lot of the times its the way to to finish the job.

Get it built!

The design process of a website.

After we know exactly what you are looking for in a website, we will either create it for you or find someone who can. The consultation process allows us to really make your website pop and generate significant amount of visitors. consulting basic design

Unleash it's ability.

Getting approval from the client for a designed website.

Once we get your approval, we can unleash its ability into the world of the internet. We will never do anything without getting permission to do so. We strive to have the things kept simple, that means no hidden fees and we always offer 3 hours free maintenance per website. 


BASIC DESIGN - $200-450

Fully functional, different eCommerce options available. Great web design for small businesses.

  • Great for Hobbyists, bloggers, and small eCommerce businesses.
  • Up to 6 pages 
  • only 50% down payment required
  • Monthly costs vary for website plans and domain names.
  • No mark-up incentive.

If that is not enough make sure to check out our other options such as: web consulting.

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Basic Plan + personalized Photoshop graphic and more pages.

  • Great for small businesses, and bigger companies looking for a online presence.
  • Up to 10 pages.
  • Quick and efficient, with same aspects as basic design plan.

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WEB CONSULTATION - $35 per hour

 Evaluating Current website and how to use SEO and google analytics to boost website visibility. 

  • Why having a online presence is necessary in the current business environment. 
  • Finding out what your companies needs are and what you want on your website. Then allowing me to create the website or find someone else who can create a website based on those specific needs. 

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